Top 5 Trending Eco Friendly Beauty Products

Organic Reusable Makeup Remover Pads by Spaces

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These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are a must have for your makeup removal regimen. These Beauty Pads are soft and gentle for any skin type and they are a great addition for the eco friendly enthusiasts.



• Natural Cotton

• Simply add warm water to gently remove makeup

• Gentle for sensitive skin

• Leaves your skin clean, smooth and fresh

• Pads are excellent for multi-use

• Laundry washable

Common Questions:

Do both sides of the pads have the soft velour material?

Yes, these pads can be used on both sides.

Can you put the pads in the dryer or do they have to be air dried?

Yes, you can dry the pads in the dryer or air dry.

Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes by EcoTools

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These Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes flawlessly help apply makeup products to your face with the soft bristles and smooth bamboo handle. These eco friendly makeup brushes are a great addition to your makeup regimen.



• Made from recycled and sustainable materials

• Packaging is made from 20% Cotton and 80% Bamboo Fibers

• Includes a convenient storage box to keep all your makeup tools organized

• Also includes a detailed beauty card with instructions for specific looks

Common Questions:

Are these brushes Cruelty Free?

Yes, they are Cruelty Free, PETA Certified and Vegan.

How long are the brushes in size?

The brushes are about 8 inches in the full length.

Do the brushes work with Liquid foundation?

Yes, these brushes can work with Liquid foundations.

What are the bristles made of?

The Bristles are made of Takion.

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Eco Friendly and Reusable Facial Sponges by Shopper Goods

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These Eco Friendly Reusable Facial Sponges are 100% all Natural. These sponges are excellent for removing your makeup, exfoliating and cleansing your skin. These eco friendly sponges are perfect for all skin types and are effective in deep cleansing pores.



• 100% natural cellulose fibers

• Free of harsh chemicals & odor

• Reusable and Biodegradable

• Durable and Soft enough for daily use

Common Questions:

Are these sponges compostable?

Yes, The Compressed Cellulose Sponges are compostable.

What is the size of the sponge?

The sponges are about 2.75 inches in diameter when dry and expand to about 3 inches in diameter when wet. Thickness is about 0.30 inches when wet.

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Perfecting Beauty Sponge by EcoTools

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These Beauty Sponges are perfect for blending your makeup and applying the foundation and concealer around the contours of your face. The pointed tips can be used to reach the hard to cover areas such as the eyes and nose areas. These eco friendly sponges are perfect for a variety of makeup uses.



• Soft and Flexible

• Can be used wet or dry

• Smoothly apply powder or liquid foundations

Common Questions:

Are these sponges made of plant based materials?

Yes, The sponges are made of 71% plant based materials.

Do these sponges have a chemical odor?

No, they do not have a chemical odor when taken out of the packaging.

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Organic Mascara by Endlessly Beautiful

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This Organic Natural Mascara creates a fuller look without clumping. Safe gentle and moisturizing mascara stays on all day!

With thousands of reviews and a 4.0 star rating out of 5.0 this Natural Mascara is a must try!



• Promotes eyelash growth

• Non toxic and free of harmful chemicals

• Great for sensitive eyes and contact wearers

Common Questions:

Is this mascara Cruelty Free?

Yes, the mascara is cruelty, gluten, paragon and soy free.

Does this mascara show darkness under the eyes at the end of the day?

The mascara does not run and should stay as if you just put it on.

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