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Top 5 Trending Eco Friendly Kitchen & Bath Products

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Eco Friendly Bamboo Heavy Duty Towels by Kitchen + Home

Click to get your Bamboo Towels Here:

These Eco Friendly Bamboo Towels are Heavy Duty and Reusable. Perfect for eliminating the waste of regular paper towels. Soft enough to be used on skin and tough enough to be used as shop towels. These eco friendly paper towels are great for the environment!



• Machine Washable

• 100% Biodegradable

• Does not break apart when wet

• Woven Bamboo, not pressed like regular paper towels

• Lint Free

Shop All Products offered by Kitchen + Home Here

Plant Based Tall Kitchen Bags with Handles by Hippo Sak

Click to get your Plant Based Tall Kitchen Bags Here:

These Plant Based Tall Kitchen Bags are Made in the USA and are 100% recyclable. These eco friendly Tall Kitchen Bags are great for the environment!



USDA Certified

• Puncture and Leak Proof

• Guaranteed to be Stronger than all leading brands

• Unscented

Shop All Products offered by Hippo Sak Here

Green Seal Certified Toilet Paper by Marcal

Click to get your Earth Friendly Toilet Paper Here:

These Eco Friendly Toilet Paper Rolls are Made in the USA. White 2-Ply containing 336 sheets per roll. Case of 48 Rolls. No Chemicals and Fragrance Free.

With hundreds of reviews and a 4.4 star rating out of 5.0 these Premium Earth Friendly Toilet Paper Rolls are perfect for any household.



• 100% Recycled

• Septic Safe

• Soft and Absorbent

• Meets EPA Guidelines

Shop All Products offered by Marcal Here

Natural All Purpose Cleaner by biokleen

Click to get your All Purpose Cleaner Here:

This All Purpose Environmental Friendly Cleaner has No Artificial Fragrance, Colors or Preservatives. Eco Friendly, non-toxic and is plant based. Tough enough to clean and degrease any job!

Made in the USA. This cleaner is super concentrated and makes 64 gallons.



• Non-Toxic

• No Fragrance

• Tough enough to clean dirt and grim

• Safe to clean on paint surfaces and hardwood floors

Shop All Products offered by biokleen Here

 Bamboo Cutting Boards by Royal Craft Wood

Click to get your Bamboo Cutting Boards Here:

This Bamboo Cutting Board is all natural thick Bamboo to prevent from cracking or breaking. Can be used for meat, cheese and vegetables. These cutting boards even come with side handles to present as serving trays!



• AntiMicrobial

• Heavy Duty Cutting Board/Serving Trays with Handles

• Scratch Resistant

• Deep Grooves to catch food on the edges

• Made of Natural Organic Wood

• No Chemicals or BPA

• Knife Friendly Surface

Shop All Products offered by Royal Craft Wood Here

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